2.1           The overall function of the Capability Development Unit is to provide standby forces for PSOs. It has the following cells: 

a)         Training and Development Cell,

b)         Monitoring and Evaluation Cell,

c)         Capability Generation Cell, 


The functions of the Training and Development Cell are to:

2.2.1 Review and facilitate implementation of training policies for AU PSOs.
2.2.2 Review and update AU PSO training standards.
2.2.3 Plan and co-ordinate continental training processes.
2.2.4 Map out levels of responsibilities of AUC, RECs/RMs and Member States in respect of training of the ASF components.
2.2.5 Conduct periodic Training Needs Analysis (TNA) of the ASF.
2.2.6 Issue Annual Training Directives for the coordination and implementation of continental training processes for the ASF and PSO.
2.2.7 Liaise with Centres of Excellence, Training Institutions, Training Service Providers and relevant partners, on the implementation of Annual AUC Training Directives.
2.2.8 Induct all newly recruited PSOD and Senior Mission Leadership personnel.
2.2.9 Facilitate training (including certification of training), harmonization, standardization of the ASF components.
2.2.10 Facilitate and coordinate the planning and roll out of AU Exercises.
2.2.11 Liaise with PDU’s Policy Research, Lessons Learned and Best Practices Cell to ensure lessons from PSOs are fed back into training.
2.2.12 Design and review of training curricula at strategic and operational levels.
2.2.13 Deliver strategic level training.
2.2.14 Co-ordinate and monitor operational level training.
2.2.15 Participate in Mission Planning Processes to ascertain training requirements.
2.2.16 Develop Mission Training Directives.
2.2.17 Facilitate the establishment of the Joint Mission Training Cells (JMTC) in PSOs as appropriate.


The functions of the Monitoring and Evaluation Cell are to:

2.3.1 Conduct and facilitate verification of ASF pledged capabilities.
2.3.2 Conduct and facilitate together with POU, the evaluation of on-going AU PSOs.
2.3.3 Develop, update and facilitate implementation of evaluation policies in ASF Exercises.
2.3.4 Facilitate the implementation of recommendations of ASF Continental and Regional Training Exercises and other capacity building initiatives.
2.3.5 Monitor and evaluate training impact to ensure adequacy in enhancing the implementation of the mandate.


The functions of the Capability Development Cell are to:

2.4.1 Facilitate and coordinate RECs/RMs, AU MS ASF capability development processes as per the Policy Framework.
2.4.2 Map out levels of responsibilities of AUC, RECs/RMs and AU MS in relation to ASF Capability Development.
2.4.3 Develop SOPs on the generation processes of ASF capabilities by the RECs/RMs in response to a mandated deployment. This includes regular updating of Generic Guidelines to Police and Troop Contributing Countries
2.4.4 Establish and maintain database and rosters of multidimensional ASF capabilities (personnel and equipment).
2.4.5 Serve as the contact point for RECs/RMs on ASF capability development processes.
2.4.6 Coordinate with POU and MSU in facilitating Pre-Deployment Verifications (PDVs) for deployments and rotations of AU PSOs personnel, and maintain a database of forces/capabilities pledged, verified, deployed and rotated.