3.1           The overall function of the Plans and Operations Unit is to plan and manage Peace Support Operations. It has the following cells: 

a)      Planning Cell,

b)      Operations Cell,

c)      Information Analysis Cell


The functions of the Planning Cell are to:

3.2.1 Identify and advise on areas of potential conflict/humanitarian emergencies for intervention on the African continent in collaboration with Conflict Management Division or other relevant AUC Departments.
3.2.2 Develop Contingency Plans for employment of forces in PSOs and other operations.
3.2.3 Serve as the nodal point with RECs/RMs on planning of PSOs.
3.2.4 Serve as the nodal point with NATO on Military to Military Staff Talks.
3.2.5 Provide political advice and guidance to all PSOD planning.
3.2.6 Monitor, including attendance, of all Peace and Security Council sessions on impending PSOs.
3.2.7 Conduct Fact Finding and Technical Assessment Missions (TAM) in collaboration with other relevant AUC Department/Divisions or PSOD units.
3.2.8 Serve as the nodal point in setting up Integrated Core Planning Teams and participating in Conflict Management Task Force teams.
3.2.9 Develop Strategic Concepts for Operations.
3.2.10 Plan Pre-Deployment Visits (PDVs) in conjunction with other PSOD units.
3.2.11 Continuously update Generic Mission Start-Up Guidelines.
3.2.12 Develop relevant Mission specific documents, such as:

a) Status of Mission Agreement,
b) Status of Forces Agreement,
c) Memorandum of Understanding with TCC/PCCs
d) Rules of Engagement (ROEs)
e) Directives on the Use of Force (DoUF),
f) Operational Directives for FPUs
g) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),

h) Chairperson’s Strategic Directives for the Head of Mission,
i) Directives for the Force Commander,
j) Directives for the Police Commissioner,
k) Directives for the Head of Mission Support,
l) Directives on Code of Conduct and Discipline inclusive of Guideline on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, and lastly,
m) Coordinate with Peace and Security Department Finance Unit (PSDFU) in the development of Directives for the Head of Finance.


The function of the Operations Cell is to:

3.3.1 Facilitate the conducting of Pre-Deployment Verification Visits.
3.3.2 Manage the Peace Support Operation Center (PSOC) in conjunction with the Information Analysis Cell.
3.3.3 Conduct regular inspection visits to current AU Missions to ensure compliance with AU procedures and policies.
3.3.4 Participate, together with MSU, in monitoring of implementation of Mission Implementation Plans (MIPs).
3.3.5 Conduct briefs to AUPOs, AUC authorities, partners and visiting delegations on AU PSOs.
3.3.6 Develop benchmarks for AU PSOs and monitor the implementation of the outcomes thereof.


The functions of the Information Analysis Cell are to:

3.4.1 Analyse daily situational and other reports from the missions in order to maintain situational awareness. This includes providing a 24/7 Situational Awareness on on-going AU missions to relevant AUC units.
3.4.2 Collate, assess, evaluate and disseminate information on AU PSOs to AU stakeholders.
3.4.3 Provide analysis on-going AU missions to AU stakeholders.
3.4.4 Regularly updating operations information analysis map.
3.4.5 Provide situational updates on all AU Missions.
3.4.6 Prepare, consolidate and present, in conjunction with other PSOD Units, regular Operations Briefs on all AU PSOs.