1: AU Mediation Support: Why?

African experts discuss the need for the African Union to enhance its peace mediation support capacity and identify practical ways in which such capacity could be improved.


2: What is Mediation and How to Support It?

African experts first define the concept and then identify various support mechanisms for mediation.


3: The African way of mediation

Experts from across the African continent discuss how cultural sensitivities should be taken into account in peace mediation and analyze the peculiarities of the African context. The interviewees further elaborate on the benefits that mediators gain by including local wisdom and ways of solving conflicts in the mediation process.


4: Mediator’s Values

African professionals identify some of the core values that all mediators should embrace in their work and discuss the ramifications of not adhering to such values.


5: Impartiality in mediation

African mediators share their views on impartiality, the challenges with remaining neutral, and the overall role of a mediator.


6: Confidentiality in mediation

Mediation experts discuss the challenging task of managing information during negotiation processes. In other words, how can mediators adhere to the principles of transparency without risking confidentiality?


7: Inclusivity in mediation

African mediation experts discuss the inclusivity in peace mediation by reflecting on how important it is to strive for absolute inclusivity.


8: Peace and justice

Peace, justice, or both? Three African experts discuss how these two concepts are interlinked and how peace can function as a unifying value that brings conflict parties together in mediation processes.


9: The other half: Women in mediation

Four experts reflect on the challenges that women face in African peace mediation and share their views on what the African Union should do to improve the inclusion of women in peace processes.  


10: The next generation (youth in mediation)

African experts share their views on including the youth in peace mediation and elaborate on the youth’s role in bringing about lasting peace on the continent.


11: The role of civil society in mediation

In additional to official state representatives and regional organizations, non-state actors have an important role to play in conflict resolution and peace building. Experts discuss the value addition that civil society groups bring into peace mediation. 


12: Mediating election-related disputes

Experts discuss a few causes of election-related disputes and how such conflicts can be prevented and mediated.


13: Border disputes and mediation

African experts reflect on the particularities of border disputes and discuss how such conflicts could be prevented and mediated.


14: The role of Regional Economic Communities in mediation

Several professionals specialized in the field of mediation discuss the role of Regional Economic Communities in peace mediation processes on the African continent. 


15: Lessons learned about mediation

The interviewed experts have years and decades of experience in resolving conflict and mediating peace. What are the lessons they have learned that stick out in their minds? What would they tell a person who is just beginning this work?