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In line with the Solemn Declaration on the 50th Anniversary of the Organization of African Unity/African Union of the African Heads of State and Government, that was adopted at the meeting of the AU Assembly on 25 May 2013, and in order to substantially contribute to achieving the goals of the AU initiative on “Silencing of the Guns: Pre-requisites for realising a conflict-free Africa by the year 2020”, the “APSA Roadmap 2016-2020” is a strategic document, which builds on the achievements and challenges resulting from the implementation of the previous APSA Roadmap (2011-2013). The Roadmap is the result of an inclusive and participatory process involving different departments at the AUC and at the RECs/RMs. 

The APSA Roadmap 2016-2020 provides a shared understanding of the results to be achieved by all APSA stakeholders, it articulates a shared understanding of the roles and functions each stakeholder involved in APSA is expected to play; it highlights a shared understanding of the need to increased collaboration and coordination among all stakeholders involved in APSA; and finally the roadmap is the most relevant tool to communicate APSA project plans and expected results to Member States, partners and other external actors.

With a focus on concrete activities and strategic objectives, this Roadmap aims at mapping out a way forward to enable the consolidation of gains made, and address the most pressing challenges, so as to make the African Peace and Security Architecture fully functional and operational, and in this way contribute effectively to the maintenance and preservation of peace and security in Africa. 

The APSA Roadmap 2016-2020 details the AUC and RECs/RMs joint aims in five strategic priority areas: Conflict prevention (incl. early warning and preventive diplomacy), crisis/conflict management (incl. ASF and mediation), post-conflict reconstruction and peace building, strategic security issues (such as illegal flows of SALW, IEDs, WMD disarmament, counter-terrorism, illicit financial flows as well as transnational organised crime and cyber crime) and coordination and partnerships. In addition, cross-cutting issues are covered by the Roadmap.

Download the APSA Roadmap 2016 - 2020 document here.